Wooow Winterswijk 2020-2022

The municipality of Winterswijk is developing, as part of a bigger city center revitalization plan, a new cultural neighbourhood, named Wooow, a building plot in the center of the city at the end of the shopping district.

Together with new housing units a new cultural Center is projected. The library, Boogie Woogie institute for arts education and de Winterwijkse Uitdaging, an organization for volunteers will be housed in this Center.

In commission of the municipality Advies etc. investigated if there was a substantive basis for collaboration. To create a social/cultural alliance, that is able to develop a modern package of social and cultural activities. After a positive result a joint vison on the new housing was created. In a second phase a joint building programme was drawn up (approx. 4.000m2 gross floor area). This programme will be the point of departure for the design of this very sustainable and usable Center and the criteria for surrounding area (placemaking).2 BVO) met ruimtestaat. Dit programma zal als uitgangspunt dienen voor het verdere ontwerpproces van dit duurzame en uiterst bruikbare gebouw en beschrijft niet alleen het gebouw, maar ook de belangrijke eisen (placemaking) voor de omgeving van het gebouw.