New building for perfoming arts education dept. Zuyd 2020 - 2022

After an earlier research Zuyd institute for higher professional eduction has decided to house the performing arts education courses, now housed in three monumental buildings, in one new building. Advies etc. was commissioned to create common ground and to create a vison on new housing with the seven education and education support teams.

In the first phase this vision was created in several workshops and discussions around different themes. In a second phase an investigation on needed functions was executed, based on this vision. This was eventually translated into a building programma that was drawn up containing an overview of all spaces and a schedule clarifying the relations between the spaces (approx. 12.500m2 gross floor area).

In this building programme the community concept is carefully described, for it is of great importance for de way Zuyd organizes the education course and approaches its students. Also a new approach on sustainability and climate adaption is incorporated.2 BVO). Bijzondere aandacht is besteed aan het community concept waarbinnen de opleidingen zijn vormgegeven en de duurzame en klimaatadaptieve ontwikkeling van dit gebouw.