The consultancy agency Advies etc was founded by Jeroen de Leeuw in 2006. This feedback from clients tells you more about his professionalism:

“Reliable and highly motivated, Jeroen de Leeuw puts his heart and soul into projects and is both patient and persistent. He both stays within the boundaries of a project but also uses his creativity to come up with innovative methods and solutions.”

“Jeroen de Leeuw sees opportunities and finds the financial resources to make them happen. He is persistent when the project requires him to be. This consultant has the valuable combination of technical skills, is quick-witted and keeps a clear overview of the bigger picture.”:

Jeroen de Leeuw: “Stakeholders and clients enjoy working in a team with me and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am good at telling a persuasive story. As a consultant, I keep the responsibilities where they logically should be.”

We need to change the way we live. Our societies must become circular and socially cohesive. Public buildings and cultural institutions can be influential and iconic examples.


DSL Advies asked Jeroen de Leeuw to restructure and coach the technical department of Oosterpoort in Groningen, the Netherlands, back in 1998. This was the beginning of many years of close collaboration including a wide range of projects that were completed successfully.

In 2006 Jeroen de Leeuw founded his own consultancy agency Advies etc specialising in managing cultural organisations, including facility management and maintenance. What Jeroen de Leeuw enjoys most is developing creative, innovative and sustainable solutions for buildings, areas and urban infrastructure.

Thanks to my extensive network of experts, ranging from engineers and geothermal energy consultants to architects, we can successfully carry out a wide range of consultancy projects.

Jeroen de Leeuw - duurzame en creatieve gebiedsontwikkeling