“Without innovations, there won’t be any joy.”

“Innovations are only possible when boundaries are crossed.”

These are the inspiring words of René ten Bos; honorary national philosopher in the Netherlands. He also urges us to approach problems differently. Instead of thinking in terms of solutions, we should first focus on understanding the world we live in. This will lead to better quality solutions. Due to the sheer complexity of issues, the solutions will not always be completely clear. But we must do the right thing.

Thinking in an integrated way and looking at nature will make the world a better place. After all, we are a part of nature. It is not about the future of the planet, but about the future of mankind. The planet will be able to manage on its own, without us. We need to develop and implement circular solutions with the smallest possible footprint.

Herontwikkeling steden en binnensteden

A more effective method

Developers usually approach area development from a conceptual and technical point of view. They start by assessing the technical and financial feasibility of a project. However, something is missing. It should be about people. Many ideas fail because there is not enough support from stakeholders and not enough close collaboration between stakeholders either.

We use a different method. We start by approaching all stakeholders about a small problem, which may not have anything to do with area development. We arrange the finances to solve the problem. We turn it into a fun project! We make use of art & culture to carry out the project. We do things differently!

Our method is known as ‘place making’. Doing the right thing, and doing it differently. Creating a better living and working environment for people. Laying the foundations for solving bigger problems. Working closely together and standing up for each other as opposed to populism or individualism as a response to major issues.

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