Art & culture institutions such as theatres, concert halls and museums are different from other non-profit organizations. The show must go on! The doors are always open to the general public.

This puts pressure on facility management and budgets, because everything must be clean, safe and tidy at the lowest possible costs. More and more cultural institutions are pressed, to offer more activities, to prevent vacancy and to be more socially involved. Timewise that causes friction with management, maintenance and cleaning.

This can be a major challenge for your organization. Do you seek help with negotiating or judgement of a maintenance contract? Or do you need help to analyze and solve a complicated management or business operations problem? Or do you just need some extra capacity in management? If you need a specialist consultant we can help with:

  • Facility management
  • Interim management executive positions
  • Drawing up a programme of requirements (new build or renovations)
  • Providing advice about maintenance, methods and tools
  • Process management for technical projects, renovations and new construction
  • Drawing up a business plan for new organizations and for restructuring projects
  • Sustainability and climate adaptation
  • Contracts, management, judgement, drawing up, negotiate
  • Applying for permits

Portfolio Managing cultural organisations

Analysis and advice various livelihood scenarios Theater Castellum Alphen aan de Rijn 2021

The municipality of Alphen a/d Rijn commissioned an investigation on different scenarios for the development of Castellum theatre. Advies etc. participated as a subcontractor of...
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Execution emergency measures LAAKtheater 2021

When covid-19 hit, the cultural sector was faced with a lock-down. Advies etc. was commissioned by LAAKtheater to consult and to investigate possibilities to open the theatre save for the public and artists. The first scan showed...
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Business plan and program of requirements culture hall Durghorst Krommenie 2021

As subcontractor of Theateradvies bv a business plan was drawn up for a new to build small multi-functional performance hall (approx. 250 seats). A new...
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Teatro Nasjonal Curaçao

The theatre Centro Pro Arte in Curaçao, an island in the Dutch West-Indies was closed a few years ago due to technical problems and was then destroyed by a fire. Drawing up a programme of requirements and a business plan in close collaboration with Theateradvies for a new construction of Teatro Nasjonal Curaçao.
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Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg

2016-2019 Interim Management Theater Rotterdam. Merging and restructuring the Facility Management departments of four cultural organisations in Rotterdam as interim manager from 2016 to 2019. The Facility Management department consists of five teams: cleaning, reception, ICT, building management and hospitality (food & drinks).
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Projectleider Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsteram

Amsterdam University of the Arts

Amsterdam University of the Arts - Project Manager 2015. Drawing up the programme of requirements for transforming former Shell Laboratories into the Academy of Theatre and Dance of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) with rehearsal studios and classrooms.
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