7 Square Endeavour Rotterdam

Initiator and Process manager since 2015

Making cities future-proof

The aim of the international sustainability programme 7 Square Endeavour is to make cities future-proof. We initiated this multidisciplinary project in 2015 and have been actively involved ever since. The first of seven squares is Schouwburgplein in they city centre of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On a local level, we are solving global problems such as pollution, heat stress and flooding. These problems are caused by climate change but also by urbanisation; an increasing number of people around the world are living in cities.

We are offering smart and innovative energy solutions in 7 Square Endeavour, which are tested in the buildings on and around Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. This includes new business models for a circular economy.

We bring all stakeholders together by finding common ground between them. Tools such as ‘place making’ including fun cultural activities are key in this process of change.

7 Square Endeavour Rotterdam