Specialising in developing creative, sustainable areas and managing cultural organisations, Jeroen de Leeuw’s consultancy agency is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Developing creative, sustainable areas

We need to change the way we live. Our societies must become circular and socially cohesive. Although technology plays a major role in this process of change, it is certainly not the main focus.

Art & culture

We are part of nature. What distinguishes human beings from animals is the fact that we create and enjoy art such as music, dance, painting and theatre. Art and creativity are also a great way to achieve essential changes. Culture is of tremendous value to make everyone feel connected and involved. For example, when we are enjoying or making art & culture together we feel that we are part of something and we are having fun! This is the key to working more closely together, exploring new avenues and reflecting on our lives.

Offering you our expert knowledge

We can help you to solve problems, to set up new processes, to connect, to improve your organisation or to carry out practical projects in case you are short-staffed.

We work with an extensive network of experts in a wide range of fields, including geothermal heat, water management, energy management, architecture and civil engineering, construction, electrical engineering and circular roofing solutions.

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