What do we do?
We provide help in situations of change in your organization, in finding inspiration for the problems you encounter on the way or in providing task replacement on the temporary absence of managerial staff so that your plans can be completed. We analyse the issues involved and advise on changes, put forward ideas for solutions, develop them into concrete working procedures and oversee their implementation in practice.

Where will you find us?
You'll find us in situations where an individual and the ideas he seeks to fulfil are valued, for example in the world of art and culture, the health service and various smaller enterprises where intrinsic professional skills and fundamental objectives still come first. For example, you'll see us at theatres and concert halls, with theatrical companies and producers, in related non-profit organizations as well as in a range of small-sized businesses and craft industries.

What do we believe in?
We believe in deployment of your own skills and experience in finding the best solution; we contribute the appropriate tools and help formulate your ideas by applying our broad-ranging expertise and experience. Hand in hand with you and your personnel, we develop new expertise, thus achieving unique, apposite solutions. In our experience, this generates a high quality process with long-lasting results, particularly as it has the support of both you and your personnel.

What are we good at doing?
Our combined knowledge and experience is wide-ranging, but at the same time is specifically targeted to the operational elements of the organisation. These are particularly found in the case of changes in structures and working procedures arising from mergers, new partnerships, new building accommodation, renovations and large investments in new systems and installations.
We give structure to the processes concerned, oversee the completion of plans and coach the staff member or members involved. Our attention is constantly on the working conditions and the quality of the working environment in the organization. We are not only focused on development of expertise, but also on prevention of disputes. Should these nonetheless occur, we have the capability of acting as mediators.

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